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The Body Shop (UK Imported) Organic Cotton Rounds X100

Imported from UK

Cotton Rounds X100

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The Body Shop Organic Cotton Pads X100

A lot of us use regular cotton balls on our face. But did you know, that those are not meant to be used on the face? Those are meant to be used for medical or sanitary purposes. Also, if you have extremely sensitive skin then cotton balls should be big no no for you as they can feel scratchy on the skin. Ultimately you end up damaging your skin.

Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t use cotton balls on your face:

  • They are super thick which means they will absorb a lot of more hence you end up wasting your products like your toner, makeup remover etc.
  • They can scratch your skin if you have extremely sensitive skin.
  • Once it is all soaked up with your product if falls apart easily.
  • A lot of cotton is bleached for cosmetic purposes and you wouldn’t want to rub all that chemicals on your face.

Most of us spend thousands on our skincare products then why not spend a few more hundreds on something that will benefit your skin only.

You should be using organic cotton pads on your skin because:

  • They are not thick like traditional cotton balls. They are thin and doesn’t soak up all the product.
  • You will save your money as you won’t be using up skincare product quickly.
  • They are very gentle on the skin and perfect for people with sensitive skin.
  • You can use it for various purposes.
  • Perfect for the under eye area.
  • Best part? Cotton won’t be lingering on your face after usage.

The Body Shop’s Organic Cotton Pads are perfect! They are inexpensive and gets the job done without any hassle. It is completely fluff free and it is double sided.

What it claims?

  • It is organic.
  • It is double sided.
  • Both the sides are differently textured.

How to use?

Pour your product on the cotton pad and sweep it all across your face. It is textured differently. The softer side can be used for the eye area to remove makeup, to clean of dirt or as cooling pads, as it is super delicate and the textured side can be used for facial or as a nail polish removal. It is better to store them in an airtight container.


  • All products from The Body Shop are 100% vegetarian and cruelty free.
  • It is completely organic.
  • It is double-sided and textured differently which means you can use it for other purposes as well.
  • Super gentle on the skin and perfect for your delicate under eye area as well.
  • It can be used as eye cooling pads also. Just dip it in cold water and place it on your eyes.
  • Does not leave any annoying fluff behind.
  • It is perfect for extremely sensitive skin.
  • It is quite inexpensive as well.
  • It doesn’t fall apart unlike normal cotton balls.

Products Review

These cotton pads are perfect for everyday use. They don’t fall apart and neither does it soak up a lot of product. They are organic and very inexpensive.

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